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Philodendron Florida Ghost

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Originating from South America, the philodendron florida ghost is a real stand out plant, it could be your only plant, it will demand all the attention in your home. It’s a cultivar of the philodendron pedatum, which throws out green or milky creamy-white ornamentally shaped leaves and red stems. This is a real show stopper!

Details & Care

  • Medium to bright indirect Light.
  • Medium to high humidity.
  • Well-draining and organically rich soil.

What’s Included

A healthy Philodendron  Florida Ghost in a pot. (size dependant)

– Small 6cm in Square Tub

– Mediuma and Large in a 10cm in nursery

Pictures for website use only. The plant you will receive may not be the exact plant in the picture but will be of the same size and quality.


Large, Medium, Small


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