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Philodendron White Knight

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Philodendron White Knight is an easy-to-grow tropical plant and has its origin from South America.

Its round leaves, along with its color variation of green, white, and purple, give it a beautiful and fascinating outlook.

Philodendron White Knight leaves tend to have an intriguing color variation of white and green. The white-colored fragment of the leaves is very sensitive to sunlight and quickly burns when exposed directly to intense sunlight.   

Philodendron White Knight is a climbing plant that can attain a height of 3 meters. It grows faster when planted around a pole (like moss pole) or tree.

It grows healthy and beautiful with a faster growth rate when planted in moist soil mixed with organic matter.

It’s a humid plant, and It thrives in an ambiance with relatively high humidity

Details & Care

  • Medium to bright indirect Light
  • Medium to high humidity
  • Prefers moist soil.

What’s Included

A healthy Philodendron White Knight plant in a 10cm nursery pot. 


Pictures for website use only. The plant you will receive may not be the exact plant in the picture but will be of the same size and quality.



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