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Monstera Thai Constellation – 12cm

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We’re excited to introduce the Monstera Thai Constellation, a rare and exotic plant that is now available at our plant boutique! This stunning plant originates from Southeast Asia and is a variegated version of the Monstera Deliciosa.

The Monstera Thai Constellation has unique foliage with variegated leaves that are a mix of green and white. Each leaf is uniquely patterned, making this plant a true work of art. Our Monstera Thai Constellations come in a small 10cm pot, perfect for those who love to collect small plants or for those with limited space.

This plant can grow up to 60-90 centimeters in height and 30-60 centimetres in width, making it a great addition to any medium-sized indoor space. To care for your Monstera Thai Constellation, place it in a spot with bright, indirect light and water it when the top 2.5 centimetres of soil feel dry to the touch.

The Monstera Thai Constellation is a fast-growing plant and loves to climb, so consider providing it with a moss pole or trellis for support. This will also help to showcase its unique foliage.

We have a limited stock of the Monstera Thai Constellation in small 10cm pots, so don’t wait to get yours! Visit our plant boutique to see this beautiful plant in person and take one home with you today.

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