Callisia Sweet Bubbles – 14cm

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Introducing the Callisia Sweet Bubbles: Your Pinktastic Plant Party!

Calling all plant lovers with a sweet tooth (don’t worry, it won’t bite)! The Callisia Sweet Bubbles is here to add a touch of whimsy and color to your home. This adorable little succulent isn’t your average green friend, it boasts dreamy pink and cream variegated leaves, making it look like it’s sprinkled with fairy dust! ✨

Where’s it from? Originally from Central and South America, the Sweet Bubbles is a tropical charmer that loves sunshine and warm vibes. Think sandy beaches and swaying palm trees – that’s the kind of energy it brings to your space!

What’s it like? Imagine a cascading waterfall of tiny, heart-shaped leaves, with some boasting soft pink and creamy hues alongside vibrant green. It’s like a miniature party in your pot, always ready to brighten your day! Plus, it’s a compact grower, making it perfect for shelves, windowsills, or hanging baskets.

Caring for your Sweet Bubbles is easy-peasy:

  • Sunshine, please! Give it plenty of bright, indirect sunlight for those gorgeous pink leaves to pop. Think dappled light through a window, not a sun tan session on the balcony. ☀️
  • Thirsty, but not too thirsty: Water it when the top inch of soil feels dry. Don’t drown it, as it doesn’t like soggy feet!
  • Well-draining soil is key: Choose a pot with drainage holes and a soil mix that lets water flow through easily. Think of it like a comfy hammock for its roots!
  • A little fertilizer goes a long way: Feed it a diluted liquid fertilizer once a month during spring and summer to keep it happy and growing.

Where to style your Sweet Bubbles:

  • Hang it high! Let its trailing vines cascade down from a hanging basket, creating a lush, green curtain.
  • Shelf life: Display it proudly on a bookshelf or windowsill, where it can soak up the sun and add a pop of color. ☀️
  • Table centerpiece: Make it the star of the show on your dining table, surrounded by candles and colorful flowers for a whimsical touch.

Remember: Pinch off any all-green leaves to encourage more pink variegation. It’s like giving it a little pep talk to keep the party going!

So, what are you waiting for? Bring home the Callisia Sweet Bubbles and add a touch of magic to your space! You won’t regret it (and your Instagram feed will thank you).

P.S. It’s super easy to propagate, so you can share the pink love with your friends and family!

Please note: This enchanting plant comes in a 14cm nursery pot. The beautiful decorative pot featured in the photo is not included.


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