Umbrella Tree – 14cm

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Looking for a touch of jungle vibes without the plane ticket? Look no further than the Schefflera Alpine Umbrella Tree, your new low-maintenance houseplant bestie!

Where’s it from? This beauty hails from sunny Australia, but don’t worry, it’s adapted to life indoors just fine. Think of it as a chill Aussie backpacker who loves Netflix and naps (photosynthesis naps, that is).

What does it look like? Imagine a miniature rainforest canopy right in your living room! The Alpine boasts glossy, deep green leaves that radiate outwards like an umbrella (hence the name!), giving it a sleek, sophisticated look.

Plus, new leaves emerge with a vibrant lime-green glow, adding a pop of color.

Taking care of your green buddy:

  • Light: Think “bright shade.” Avoid direct sun, but keep it near a window where it can soak up some indirect rays. 
  • Water: Don’t be a desert dweller! Water your Alpine when the top 2.5cm of soil feels dry. But remember, soggy feet are a no-no, so drainage is key.
  • Food: Feed your plant with a balanced fertilizer once a month during spring and summer to keep it growing strong.
  • Temperature: This little Aussie likes it warm, between 18-27°C. Keep it away from drafty spots and chilly corners.

Where to put your mini jungle?

  • Living room: Add a touch of greenery to your relaxation zone. Place it near a comfy chair for some leafy company while you read or unwind. ️
  • Bedroom: Breathe easier! The Alpine is known for its air-purifying properties, making it the perfect roommate for a good night’s sleep.
  • Office: Liven up your workspace with some natural beauty. The Alpine’s calming presence might even boost your productivity (or at least make staring at spreadsheets more bearable). ‍

Styling tips: 

  • Go big! Plant your Alpine in a stylish pot that complements its sleek lines. Think modern ceramic or woven baskets for a natural touch.
  • Group it up! Combine your Alpine with other low-light loving plants like ferns or Snake Plants for a mini indoor jungle scene.
  • Level up! Place your plant on a stand or pedestal to showcase its elegant form.

With its easy care and stunning looks, the Schefflera Alpine Umbrella Tree is the perfect plant to add a touch of tropical elegance to your home. So bring the jungle indoors and enjoy the company of your new leafy friend!


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