Sansevieria Black Coral – 14cm

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Introducing the Sansevieria Black Coral, the gothic glam houseplant that’s tougher than your average flatmate (and probably quieter too!).

This striking succulent hails from sunny Africa, but don’t worry, it’s swapped its safari stripes for something a little more sophisticated. Think dark, almost black leaves with cool, wavy patterns. Imagine a Mother-in-Law’s Tongue all dressed up for a Halloween bash!

What makes it brilliant:

  • Low-maintenance magic: It practically thrives on neglect! Just water it every now and then (honestly, don’t drown it!), and it’ll be as happy as Larry.
  • Slow and steady wins the race: This plant grows at its own pace, but its upright, sword-like leaves can reach up to 1 meter tall, adding a touch of drama to any room. ️
  • Air-cleaning champion: Breathe easy! This plant is a natural air purifier, removing toxins and keeping your home feeling fresh.

Where to show it off:

  • Give it some love: Bright, indirect sunlight is its cup of tea. Think mornings near a window or filtered light throughout the day. ☀️
  • Corner charmer: It loves a good corner or a spot near a bookcase, where it can stand tall and be the star of the show. ✨
  • Bathroom buddy: Even if your home is a bit dim, this plant is cool with it! It tolerates lower light, making it a great choice for bathrooms or hallways.

Styling tips:

  • Monochrome magic: Pair it with black and white accents for a chic, modern look. Think geometric planters or a simple white shelf. 黑白
  • Boho vibes: Go for a more relaxed feel with natural textures like woven baskets or macrame hangers.
  • Pop of colour: Let the plant be the star and add a pop of colour with a brightly painted pot or a fun throw pillow nearby.

Remember: This plant is mildly toxic to pets and children, so keep it out of reach of curious paws and tiny fingers.

So, are you ready to add a touch of gothic glam to your home with the low-maintenance, air-purifying wonder that is the Sansevieria Black Coral? We think it’s the perfect plant for anyone who wants a stylish and easy-care addition to their space.


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