Sansevieria Futura Black Coral – 14cm


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Forget cobwebs and dusty antiques, the Sansevieria Futura Black Coral is here to add a touch of gothic glam to your home without the fuss! This stunning succulent, like its cousin the Black Coral, hails from sunny Africa, but with a unique twist.

Spot the Difference:

Both Black Corals boast dramatic, almost black leaves, but the Futura has a more sculpted, modern look. Its leaves are thicker and stiffer, with sharper, more pronounced points that resemble tiny spears. Imagine a Mother-in-Law’s Tongue dressed for a futuristic noir film!

Here’s what makes the Futura Black Coral special:

  • Low-maintenance magic: Like its cousin, it’s practically unkillable. Just give it the occasional drink (seriously, don’t drown it!), and it’ll be perfectly happy.
  • Slower growth, bigger impact: This plant takes its time, but its upright, spear-like leaves can reach up to 1 metre tall, making a bold statement in any room.
  • Air-cleaning champion: Breathe easy! This plant is a natural air purifier, removing toxins and keeping your home feeling fresh.

Where to show it off:

  • Bright light, please: This plant enjoys bright, indirect sunlight. Think mornings near an east-facing window or filtered light throughout the day. ☀️
  • Corner king (or queen): It loves a good corner or a spot near a bookcase, where its sculpted leaves can stand tall and be the star.
  • Bathroom buddy: Even if your home is a bit dim, this plant is cool with it! It tolerates lower light, making it a great choice for bathrooms or hallways.

Styling tips:

  • Modern monochrome: Pair it with black and white accents for a sleek, futuristic look. Think geometric planters or a metallic shelf. モノクロ
  • Minimalist magic: Let the plant be the star with a simple, clean pot. Think white ceramic or polished concrete. 
  • Pop of colour: Add a touch of drama with a brightly painted pot or a bold throw pillow nearby.

Remember: This plant is mildly toxic to pets and children, so keep it out of reach of curious paws and tiny fingers.

So, are you ready to add a touch of futuristic gothic glam to your home with the low-maintenance, air-purifying wonder that is the Sansevieria Futura Black Coral? We think it’s the perfect plant for anyone who wants a stylish and easy-care addition to their space.


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