Aglaonema Valentine Pink – 14cm


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Introducing the Aglaonema Valentine Pink: Your Pretty in Pink Foliage Friend!

Calling all plant enthusiasts with a soft spot for pink! Meet the Aglaonema Valentine Pink, a stunning houseplant guaranteed to bring a touch of floral flair to your home, all wrapped up in a fuss-free package.

Where’d it come from? This little stunner belongs to the Aglaonema family, also known as Chinese Evergreens. They hail from the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, and the Valentine Pink is a special cultivar known for its vibrant pink and green foliage.

What makes it special?

  • Pink perfection: The star of the show is definitely the Valentine Pink’s stunning foliage. The large, oval leaves boast a beautiful blend of emerald green and soft pink, adding a pop of colour to any room.
  • Low-maintenance love: This little beauty is perfect for busy plant parents. It thrives in bright, indirect sunlight (think dappled light) and needs watering only when the top inch of soil feels dry. Easy peasy!
  • Air-purifying champion: Not only is it easy on the eyes, but the Valentine Pink also helps purify the air by removing common toxins, making your home a healthier haven.

Where to put your pink perfection:

  • Light and lovely: A spot near a window with indirect sunlight is ideal. Harsh rays can fade those beautiful pink tones!
  • Bathroom bliss: The Valentine Pink loves humidity, making it a perfect choice for a well-lit bathroom. Just ensure there’s good ventilation to avoid fungal issues.
  • Tabletop twinkle: Brighten up your desk or side table with this little charmer. Its compact size and vibrant colours make it a cheerful addition to any workspace.

Styling tips:

  • Pink power: Play up the pink tones by placing the Valentine Pink in a ceramic pot with a complementary pink hue. Blush pink or rose gold would look stunning!
  • Monochrome magic: Create a sophisticated look by pairing the Valentine Pink with other plants with green foliage in various textures. Think snake plants, ferns, or spider plants.
  • A touch of whimsy: Add some personality with decorative pebbles in shades of pink and green around the base of the plant.

So, are you ready to fall in love with the Aglaonema Valentine Pink? This easy-to-care-for beauty is the perfect way to add a touch of pink and personality to your home. With a little TLC, it’ll be your vibrant, leafy companion for years to come!!


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